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BBC News - School Report

BBC News - School Report

Meeting Alex Wheatle

On Friday 7th March a special guest Alex Wheatle came to Townsend Church Of England School and was interviewed by a group of 13 year olds. The questions were all about his life and books and how he had coped with the Brixton riots. There are more questions in the video. We really enjoyed his visit!

The plane that was never found- the flight of MH370
Gym and Dance Display at the St Albans Arena

Dance DisplayOn Thursday 13th March 2014, many pupils from Townsend Church of England School participated in a Gym and Dance Display at the Alban Arena. This was a display for numerous talents for everyone to show off and surprise everyone enjoying the show. This display was the best of them all and everyone definitely showed off their talent. They did also astonish the crowd with what they had to show.  It was a remarkable finish of the night!

Charity Volleyball Match Report

On Wednesday 19th March 2014, teachers and sixth form of Townsend C of E School competed against each other in a charity volleyball match which took place in the school gym.

A total of six teachers and seven sixth formers competed in this charity event. The first team to score 15 points won the overall game, and the first team to win 2 games won the overall match.

First game was won by the sixth formers with the second victory to the teachers.

Approaching the final game, both teams realised that this would either make or break their chances of winning the overall match. The teachers won the game with 15 points, whilst the sixth formers finished with a total of 10 points. This meant that the teachers had won the overall game 2-1. With plenty of elation in the gym, the teachers celebrated their victory by congratulating the sixth formers for taking part, and by taking a deserved rest.

All of the money raised from the volleyball match was given to the Haemophilia Society. The money raised will assist in providing those with Haemophilia with the required medication and support.

Thoughts on Crimea

Students' thoughts on the situation in Crimea.