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Drama - Key Stage 3

In years 7-8 students are given the opportunity to explore themes, ideas and plays. They also get to experiment with skills and techniques learnt.

Students in Years 7 and 8 enjoy one lesson of Drama a week in addition to their English Lessons.  Lessons take place in the Drama studio and students are provided with the opportunity to develop their acting skills as well as study a broad range of genres.

Drama - GCSE

The Drama course at GCSE is not running this year.

GCSE Drama allows students to explore both scripted and improvised performances or even learn new skills like lighting, costume design or make-up! It is an exciting course which will provide a broad range of theatrical experiences from performing or taking part in workshops to watching productions.

The course consists of:
60% Practical Coursework. Scripted, improvised or technical option.
40% Written Examination.

Further information is available from the head of department.

Drama - A Level

For more information please see the document downloads on the Sixth Form section of our site