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Food Technology - Key Stage 3

Design and Technology Years 7 through 9
Design and Technology is an innovative, creative and above all practical subject in which pupils study the design process. The process for this is as follows:

  • Creating a design brief based upon given criteria
  • Conducting research tasks and planning
  • Analysing the research to create their own design criteria or specification
  • Generating Ideas/Designs
  • Evaluating these to come up with a design proposal or proposals
  • Manufacturing/Making
  • Evaluation of all aspects of the process

Pupils are taught in a modular manner. Each year is split into 3 or 4 workshops to study the core National Curriculum areas of study. These are:

  • Working with Resistant Materials
  • Food Technology
  • Electronics and CAD/CAM
  • Graphic Media/Products

Each pupil will experience the different areas listed above in depth throughout years 7 to 9 in order to give them an informed choice when choosing their options in Year 10. Currently these are AQA GCSEs in Food Technology and Product Design and BTEC Level 2 Construction (carpentry).
Pupils studying the food area will be expected to bring their own ingredients, and cooking will take place on average one hour per week.
Materials aprons and Food aprons are both available from the department.
Further information on these areas are available from any of the DT staff.

Food Technology - GCSE

We offer AQA GCSE Food Technology (4547) which has an emphasis on nutrition as well as developing good practical skills. Year 10 is spent developing culinary skills and learning about food, nutrition and health and safety. Students are expected to cook every week. Towards the end of year 10 students begin their GCSE controlled assessment/coursework worth 60% of the total exam grade. All practical work is evidenced as part of the coursework folder and is assessed by AQA.

Food is an extremely popular option, pupils have a very positive attitude and enjoy achieving high grades. We encourage all pupils to complete tasks to a grade above their minimum target grade. Staff will give written & verbal feedback to enhance independent progression. Target grades are routinely shared with students to enable them to develop their skills and aim high!

Further information is available from the head of department.

Food Technology - A Level

This course is not running in 2014 - 2015

We offer AQA Food Technology at AS and A2 and this course is offered to the consortium schools. The exciting and challenging course involves a written paper and a practical design project in each year. Students study food in relation to the body, consumer and industry. Food products are analysed and the scientific principles involved in their making are explored. Achievement is good overall and many pupils excel beyond expectation. We have achieved a high number of higher grades over the last few years. Pupils have commented on how much they look forward to their food lessons, particularly the practical work. Many pupils are inspired by the course and go on to further study at university or specialist colleges to continue with a career in the food Industry, dietetics and new product development.

For more information please see the document downloads on the Sixth Form section of our site

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