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Geography - Key Stage 3

Year 7
The units of study include case studies from all around the world looking at issues associated with the population within human geography, also physical geography including rivers and flooding.

Investigations include:

  • The One Child Policy in China
  • Settlement Issues
  • The effects of flooding on people and the environment.

Year 8
The units of study are based on current events as well as Weather and Climate, Global Warming and Medical Geography. Investigations include:

  • Global warming and our world
  • What factors effect microclimates?
  • How can AIDS effect development?

Year 9
This year focuses on examining global issues and development. We look at the problems of Developing Countries with comparative case studies of Brazil and Japan. Investigations include:

  • Why is the Developing World poor?
  • How can the rainforest be developed without destroying it?
  • How is Japan similar and different to the UK?
Geography - GCSE

Course – AQA GCSE Geography
 Specification code: 8035

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you want to understand what is going on in the world? Do you enjoy visiting different places? If so, this is the course for you. Geography is one of the broadest GCSEs available. You will develop research and enquiry skills; writing and graphical skills; the ability to discuss, debate and make decisions; an understanding of data handling and interpretation; and, of course, you will learn how to read maps. Geography will help you to understand how the world we live in today has changed and guide you in predicting the future. It brings a wide range of arts and science based subjects together within the context of real places.

At Townsend we have chosen the AQA GCSE Geography syllabus, one of the most popular courses on offer. It is a lively course which focuses on contemporary geographical issues. The course covers a variety of topics including; Rivers and coasts, Population, Challenging Urban environments and the changing economic world.  Developing Geographical skills such as map reading and satellite image interpretation are also an important part of the course.

The Geography department is committed to flexible and enquiry approaches to learning, with discussions, debates and group work, computer-based exercises and audio-visual presentations. Clear explanations will be given about all the themes being studied along with advice about examination techniques and fieldwork.

Further information is available from the head of department.

Geography - A Level

Course - AQA A Level Geography

For more information please see the document downloads on the Sixth Form section of our site

Geography - Useful Links

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