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History - Key Stage 3

Year 7

The history in year 7 concerns a study of the Medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods of British History. During the year we concentrate on an investigative approach to learning and introduce many of the key words and skills students will need to access the study of history.

Year 8

Students investigate aspects of history in the 18th and 19th centuries.? The students study the themes of ordinary lives, power and democracy and empire.? Students examine a variety of historical viewpoints to develop interpretation skills.

Year 9

Students study world history from 1900 to the present day.? They use concepts of change and conflict as a pathway through the period.? Lessons are designed to question students? own ideas of conflict and change and to develop an understanding of different peoples and histories.

History - GCSE

Course - Edexcel (2HB01)

The history course offered by the department covers both British and World history. Students will have the opportunity to study Crime and Punishment, the American West, the Transformation of Surgery and Vietnam.

The study of Crime and Punishment c50AD to present day will involve the students looking at the nature of criminal activity, punishment, and law enforcement as well as the influence of attitudes in society.

The depth study on the American West will focus on the Plains Indians, migrants and settlers in the west, farming on the plains, railroads, cattlemen and cowboys, law and order, the Indian wars and the destruction of the Native American way of life.

The source enquiry unit on the Transformation of Surgery will focus on four main areas which include: dealing with pain, dealing with infection, dealing with blood loss and factors affecting developments in surgery.

The study of Vietnam 1950-75 will focus on Americas involvement in Vietnam and the growth of protest in the USA against this involvement. It will be assessed through the completion of a controlled assessment to be completed in year 10. The other three units will make up the examination part of the course.

The course aims to actively engage students in the process of historical enquiry to develop them as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.

The course will also allow students to organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in creative and different ways and reach substantiated judgments.

The skills developed through History are seen as assets by employers and in further education, as is the ability to make judgments on current situations which are based on a knowledge and understanding of the past. History involves the analysis of controversial and complex subjects. The study of History co-ordinates well with other subjects and provides students with a basis for their role as responsible citizens.

Further information is available from the head of department.

History - A Level

Course - Edexcel (8HI01, 9HI01)

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