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Learning for Life - Life in Modern Britain

All Students study Learning for Life (Life in Modern Britain), this takes place in form time supported by the assembly programme and designated specialist teaching days as appropriate. The teaching is delivered by form tutors and the Director of Learning who are able to tailor the content to the specific needs of students. This model of delivery continues in all yers where the curriculum content will focus more closely on preparing students for the life choices they will need to make in the near future and to best enable them to progress to their chosen pathway.

During these lessons students develop an insight into the world of work and learn to apply specific skills to maximise their chances of pursuing the education, training and employment paths of their choice.

In Learning for Life lessons, students will learn about the business world and how businesses operate on a day to day basis. Students will learn about the different departments in organisations and their functions.

All Year 10 students have one weeks work experience and time is spent planning for this week and then talking over the experience. Students are interviewed in Years 10 and 11 about their plans for the future.

Clearly the next two years are going to be critical in helping students to plan for their futures. A few students already have clear ideas about which career path they wish to follow but most are not so sure. Research into a wide range of possible careers paths can be carried out using computer programs and a variety of publications. The computer programs are invaluable assets and include a Career Information Database, Careers Matter, Higher Ideas and the UCAS website.

Further information is available from the head of department.

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