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Media Studies - GCSE

Course - AQA 4812

The mass media play an increasingly important role in contemporary society, providing us with information and entertainment. This GCSE is designed to enable pupils to develop a critical understanding of the role of mass media in society.

Pupils choosing the Media Studies GCSE will be encouraged to develop their ability to:

  • Give a personal response to mass media texts;
  • Gain a broad knowledge of the commercial and industrial nature of media production;
  • Investigate the types of media consumed by different audiences;
  • Enhance their skills in the planning and production of different types of media;
  • Access and engage with modern media technologies (the internet and broadcasting).

The course is divided into two units. Unit 1 is a written examination paper worth 40% and is based on a pre-released topic giving pupils time to research and plan for the examination. Unit 2 is worth 60% and pupils produce three coursework pieces: an introductory assignment (on a choice of areas from the media); a cross-media assignment where pupils compare 2 media texts and in the final coursework piece they under take a practical production and evaluate it. The Controlled Assessment involves creating; creating websites, magazine pages and an advertising campaign.

The Media Studies GCSE allows pupils to gain an insight in to all types of information and the ways in which we receive it. This is a valuable skill in the modern work place and would be beneficial in a number of jobs. These include careers in advertising, broadcasting, design, film production, ICT, journalism, music, publishing and sales, to name a few.

Media Studies - A Level

Course - AQA (1571, 2571)

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