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Music - Key Stage 3


There are key projects in all years: each containing suitably differentiated performing and
composing materials to allow for the wide ability range in the 11 - 14 curriculum.

The projects are designed to develop knowledge and understanding of musical styles, structures, contexts and
purpose. The appraisal and self-assessment sheets build up musical vocabulary and develop an increasingly critical and analytical ability.

In Year 7 the projects are:
1 Explore Sounds / Elements
2 Rhythm & Pulse

In Year 8 the projects are:
1 Time Values
2 Pitch / Notes
3 Variations

In Year 9 the projects are:
1 Music and Media

Music - GCSE

AQA Music GCSE course 4272


The course encourages candidates to:

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of a range of different kinds of Music, extending personal interests and increasing ability to make judgements about musical quality.
  • Acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to:
    • Make music, both individually and in groups;
    • Develop a life-long interest in music, e.g. through community music making;
    • Progress to further study or to follow a music-related career.
  • Develop broader life-skills and attributes including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity and emotional and cultural development.

The assessment is set out in the following four categories:

  • Unit 2 Composing and Appraising: Students compose one piece of music and must choose 2 or more of the 5 Areas of Study, with a link to one of the three strands of learning specified annually. Candidates will then appraise the process of composition and the outcome.
  • Unit 3 Performing Music: 2 performances: one solo or via technology; one as part of a group.
  • Unit 4 Composing Music: Candidates submit 1 composition which explores two or more of the five Areas of Study. The composition will be undertaken as an individual exercise under informal supervision within a maximum of 25 hours Controlled Assessment.
  • Unit 1 - Listening to Appraising Music: A listening and written paper of 1 hour.

Further information is available from the head of department.

Music - A Level

For more information please see the document downloads on the Sixth Form section of our site

Music - Useful Links
  • BBC Bitesize Revision - A great revision site
  • Music Magic - Offers 15 basic on-line piano lessons, plus loads more
  • MTV - A massive site with information about the TV site, and lots more