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Religious Education - Key Stage 3

At KS3 we follow the Hertfordshire agreed syllabus covering the six major world faiths with an emphasis on Christianity.

During Year 7 pupils cover topics such as: Jerusalem as a centre of religions, pilgrimage and festivals of sacrifice. These topics are addressed through the Abrahamic faiths. In the summer term we look at the beliefs and practices of Sikhism and Hinduism.

Year 8, pupils study founders of Christianity and Islam and how these beliefs are practised. In the summer term Buddhism is the focus for study.

During Year 9 more philosophical and ethical issues are examined such as prejudice, good and evil and relationships.

Religious Education - GCSE

At KS4 we follow the OCR syllabus Religious Studies B (J621) Philosophy & Applied Ethics. This includes topics such as religion and science, medical ethics, revelation and life after death.

Religious Education - A Level

At KS5 we offer OCR syllabus Religious Studies (H172 & H572) Philosophy & Ethics. This includes topics such as freewill and determinism, sexual ethics, Greek influences on philosophy, Judeao-Christian influences on philosophy.

Core RE

Students are required to participate in one hour of RE per week in conjunction with LfL.

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