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Our Philosophy

Respect for All

Townsend School seeks to provide a Christian education of the highest possible quality.  Our Respect For All policy, written by students and staff affirms our commitment to each member of our community as an individual and underpins all aspects of school life.  It expresses Townsend’s strong commitment to equal opportunities.  Each child is valued as an individual and encouraged to take an active part in all aspects of school life.

Respect for All

At Townsend we believe that every person is equally important and that no-one has a right to harass, insult or cause offence to any other person for any reason.  We particularly reject the way that some people abuse others:

  • because they are richer or poorer, older or younger,
  • because they are small or tall, thin or fat,
  • because of the colour of their skin,
  • because they are a teacher or a pupil,
  • because of their religion or beliefs,
  • because of disability or personal problems,
  • because of gender or sexual orientation,
  • because of their looks or what they wear,
  • because of their likes and dislikes,
  • because they are popular or unpopular,
  • because  of their ability or lack of ability,
  • because of their nationality or accent,

We are all individuals with differences, but we are all members of Townsend and can learn from each other.

The school is a voluntary aided, all-ability co-educational school for students aged 11 to 18. Our aim is to provide a secure and happy environment where all our students can enjoy working and learning, in which all can develop their potential to the fullest extent, intellectually, spiritually, personally and socially for a successful and creative adult life.

‘There is something special about this school. You notice it as soon as you walk in. There is a sense of family, a warmth. It’s an extraordinary place’

A Parent