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Support for All

Focusing on the Individual

We attach great importance to getting to know students well and to ensuring that they are happy. From their first day at Townsend School they become part of our family. Close links with primary schools mean that all children will have met some members of staff and enjoyed a ‘taster day’ before transferring. Parents/carers too will have had the opportunity to meet their child’s form tutor and the appropriate Director of Learning (Head of Year) before their child starts in September. We regularly recruit students to Year 7 from over 60 different primary schools and from a very wide area of Hertfordshire. Such is the quality of our work and our partnership with parents/carers that many parents/carers are happy to arrange for their child to travel relatively long distances to get to Townsend. Careful contact ensures that the move from primary school to Townsend School is smooth and that everyone settles in quickly.

We believe that students learn best in a calm, orderly and secure environment. Our behaviour code is illustrated in the ‘Respect for All’ policy and we expect high standards of conduct and courtesy. Discipline at Townsend is best described as ‘firm but fair’ with a range of appropriate sanctions if work or behaviour expectations are not met. We have a strict uniform policy, requiring our students to dress smartly and we look to parents/carers to support us in this.

‘There is a very positive ethos in the school. Relationships are good. The school is a happy place in which pupils can learn effectively and flourish.’


A system of merits and rewards celebrates students’ achievements throughout the year. We believe that students thrive on praise and encouragement, and every student leaves school with a nationally recognised Progress File recording their achievement.

‘I love it here! I was nervous at first but I soon made friends. The teachers are really nice and make you feel at home’

Year 7 Student