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Leavers’ Destinations

Year 11 and Year 12 Students of 2016

There were 168 students in  years 11 and 12. Of these 100% continued in education at school or with a college or other provider.

The destinations of year 11 and year 12 students are shown below:

  • 100% of year 11 started a Post 16 course in the Townsend sixth form or at a college or another school (108 students)
  • 100% of year 12 moved into the Townsend year 13 to continue with A Levels or continued vocational study at a college (60 students)

Destinations of year 13 leavers

There were 42 students in year 13, the destinations of which are shown below:

  • 36% went to university or were taking a gap year before starting university the following year. (15 students)
    All who applied to attend university were successful in gaining their place.
  • 19% stayed on at Townsend for further study (8 students)
  • 21% took up employment offers – some applying for university next year (9 students)
  • 12% continued in education at a college (5 students)
  • 7% have gained an apprenticeship (3 students)
  • 5% have not confirmed their destination (2 students)
  • No student is recorded as Not in Education, Employment or Training.