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Year 7 Tutor Team

A massive welcome from the Year 7 Tutor Team.

Director of Learning – Miss Gordon

Hello Year 7. I am delighted to be your Director of Learning (Head of Year) in September. This means that, along with your form tutors, I am responsible for keeping you safe, happy, and ensuring you are settled at Townsend. I have worked at Townsend Church of England School for two years and teach English and Maths. I teach a lot of Year 7 classes so am excited to get to know you better both inside and outside of the classroom. My favourite hobbies are swimming, walking (in the mountains), travelling and photography. I like to travel as much as I can: my favourite country that I have visited is Slovenia as its lakes and mountains are truly spectacular. I think my love for the mountains really blossomed when on my Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition in the Transylvanian mountains (Romania): an incredibly beautiful part of the world. I am inspired by all of our students – those who learn to use new vocabulary in their work, those who ask a question when previously they were too worried to, those who help others to feel welcome at school and those who strive to better themselves each day. I wonder how you will inspire me. I look forward to meeting the wonderful students I have been told so much about in September.

Canterbury – Mrs Burani

Durham – Mr Morgan

Exeter – Mrs Thompson

Norwich – Mr Potter

York – Mrs Coates

Stay safe,

Miss Gordon, Director of Learning (Head of Year), Mr Wyatt (SENCO), Mrs Burani (History), Mr Morgan (Science), Mrs Thompson (English), Mr Potter (English) and Mrs Coates (Drama)