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Discovery Centre/Library

The Discovery Centre provides support to students and staff for both their work and leisure pursuits. Demand for information is very high and the centre is well used for various activities both during the day and at lunchtimes and break times, when it is extremely busy. Each day there is always particular activity running at lunch time, open to all students.

Recently the Centre has been completely redesigned and refurbished to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Mobile interactive whiteboards, vari smart boards, 50 wireless laptops and freedom wireless access are now available throughout the centre.

The Centre has been redesigned to meet the changing needs of education, with a large meeting and conference area, soft seating areas and dedicated fiction and fact areas. The centre is also used for events such as author visits and guest speakers for the school.

Over a thousand additional books have been added to the stock, which now is in excess of 14,000 – far exceeding the recommended number and these are regularly taken out by the students. At Townsend, we feel that books are still very much valued, as fiction reading books, but also for research tasks using the non fiction fact books. This helps to give a wider variety of resources for such tasks.

The Centre also has a dedicated whole school study area where students can silently read, study and investigate and the facilities for senior students to access the internet using their own laptops.

The Discovery Centre hosts events and activities regularly for students, with a number of resources available too, both online and in the Centre itself.

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