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A Bright Outlook for All

A Successful Future

We aim to provide our pupils not only with academic success but with those experiences that will develop their individuality, confidence and skills, so that they are ready to enjoy the oportunities and challenges of the 21st Century. We encourage pupils to think about what they are going to do next and help them to make informed decisions at every stage of their development.

Through a comprehensive teaching programme, pupils are encouraged to think about their strengths and weaknesses and to explore possibilities for their talents.  As part of our careers programme, every pupil is offered the opportunity to be individually interviewed and to receive individual guidance.


Currently, all pupils in year 10 participate in work experience which gives them a practical insight into employment.  As part of the current careers education programme, consultants from industry, business and commerce are invited into the school to speak about their work and organisations.


Talks, workshops, conferences, university visits, a well-stocked library and our fantastic computer network keep pupils informed of the opportunities available.



Pupils in years 10 to 13 are offered the opportunity of taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme where they are able to develop many important life skills as well as taking part in expeditions and helping in the community.  When appropriate, a link with the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has provided special courses for some students.

When our pupils leave Townsend, for university, further education, apprenticeships, or for employment, they take with them not only sound academic qualifications, but also an understanding of life in modern Britain, the world in which they live, confidence, kindness and the commitment to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

‘The school provides a secure and caring environment and successfully promotes a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The support and guidance provided for pupils is a strength’


‘I couldn’t have chosen a better school. Both my daughters who have very different personalities and abilities have achieved beyond their expectations.’

A Parent