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Achievement for All

Excellence In Learning

High expectations supported by excellent resources and expert teaching from qualified, professional staff ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed. Rigorous monitoring and assessment takes account of students’ different aptitudes and interests and enable all to achieve to the very best of their ability.

Every pupil is involved in setting and reviewing targets. At the very beginning of Year 7, students are normally taught in mixed-ability classes for most subjects but then, for some subjects, they are placed in sets with children of similar ability as they progress through the school.

Subject staff and year teams build detailed profiles of individual progress and effort and this important information os reported to parents/carers.

The school’s system of rewards helps motivate students to achieve their maximum potential.

Examination results are strong at Townsend and our focus on outcomes is relentless.  Our monitoring of lesson quality is frequent and the progress of individual children is tracked at regular intervals.

‘We genuinely care for the children. We recognise and try to provide for the needs of every child.’

Head of Key Stage 3

‘We take children and get them to achieve beyond their own level. We believe in them more than they believe in themselves so that they do better than they ever thought was possible’

Mathematics Teacher