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Good Outcome for All

Ofsted and Church Inspections

As Townsend is a Voluntary Aided Church of England School we are inspected twice!

The two inspections are carried out under Section 5 and Section 48 of the Education Act.  Ofsted send in inspectors and so does the Church of England.

Parents/carers, staff, students, and governors are all pleased to know that absolutely everything inspected in the three latest inspections was graded as good or outstanding.

The inspection reports tell you a great deal about our school and about our delivery of a successful education for young people so that they may take their constructive place in society. Pupils leave us well qualified and with strong values to guide them through life.

In all recent inspection reports you will read about our care for our children and about the way that we help them to achieve their potential. Helping children to learn well while caring for them as individuals are strengths of this school.

Our inspection reports can be viewed on our website ( or directly on the Ofsted website or the Church of England website.  The inspection reports are a very strong endorsement of our work and we hope that you enjoy reading all recent inspection reports as together they provide an excellent overview of our school.

The inspection reports are a very positive affirmation of our core values. They affirm the quality of what we do and are a great reassurance to parents/carers that pupils attending Townsend School are well taught and well cared for.