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As a faith school, we are very conscious of our mission to provide your daughter or son with more than just academic success. We are a school with clear principles and ideals based on a strong ethos, and this philosophy is central to our success. Our great strength is that we keep reminding ourselves of what every parent/carer knows: children learn best when they are happy.

We provide a stimulating learning environment where all children can achieve, whatever their ability or aptitude.

All students are valued as individuals and all flourish in a community that lives by the values of tolerance, love, compassion and respect for each other. We uphold the traditional values of good manners and hard work and have high expectations of all our students. Our teaching encourages independent learning and provides students with those skills and qualities which they need to take them through the 21st century.

We instil a love of learning and offer a wealth of cultural, social and sporting activities through which your child can find and develop new interests and skills.