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Spirituality for All

The Church Connection

Townsend is a Church school but you do not have to go to Church to come here, however, you will need to be in sympathy with our ethos and traditions. Children of all faiths and with no faith are welcome at this Church school.

Religious Studies is an important part of our curriculum. An academic subject in its own right, it is also an integral part of each student’s day, helping them to explore their understanding of God and to reflect on their relationship with him, each other and the world they live in. All pupils have lessons in Religious Studies to examination level.

There is an emphasis is on worship and celebration. There is a time during every day for an act of collective worship, either in form groups, year groups, or multi-year group gatherings. This school has a long association with St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church and there are four annual services held in the Cathedral that all pupils attend. There are also voluntary opportunities during each term for students to attend Holy Communion services if they want to and there are other worship activities held in school. A faith youth group for those interested meets regularly to worship and pray together in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Our Christian beliefs form the cornerstone of everything we do. We aim to stimulate lively, enquiring minds as pupils examine the development of religious belief and think about moral and ethical questions. Our ‘Respect For All’ code, fund-raising for charity, and voluntary services to the community are examples of the practical opportunities our pupils have to live out Christian values.

The Townsend Dedication Prayer

We thank you Lord for Townsend School.
Thank you for the many people who founded the School
And through eighty years have served and nurtured it.
Give us grace, O Lord, that in our lives
we may be true to the heritage handed over to us,
and that by our self-sacrifice,
we may preserve it for those who come after us;
through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

‘There’s so much trust here. Teachers go out of their way to listen and understand you and we all look out for each other’

Year 10 Student