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Success for All

The Post – 16 Challenge

The number of pupils opting to stay on into years 12 and 13 (the sixth form) over the last few years demonstrates its popularity and reputation.  Life in the Sixth Form is an exciting and challenging experience which allows pupils greater independence and freedom, whilst still providing a firm framework of support.  As a founding member of The Alban Learning Partners (ALPS) – a very successful local post 16 consortium with five other St Albans schools, Townsend offers an unparalleled choice of courses in the Sixth Form.

Our aim is to provide as much flexibility as possible so that pupils can study a wide combination of subjects.  In addition to their chosen subjects, all pupils participate in a programme of complementary studies that supports and enriches their post 16 experience.

Sixth formers have their own dedicated study centre and a large well-equipped common/social room. Staff constantly monitor and review each pupil’s progress to ensure that high standards of performance are maintained.

Sixth Form pupils contribute greatly to the life of the school,
supporting staff and younger pupils in many ways.  For example, they lead the Pupil Council, act as form helpers, mentor younger pupils, and some train as anti-bullying counsellors.  Social events, trips and study visits are organised by and for the Sixth Form to complement their academic studies.

Throughout their time in the Sixth Form, pupils are offered individual support and guidance.  They are helped to assess their abilities and strengths so that they make the best decisions for their future.

We want all of our pupils to leave us confident and qualified to move on to the next phase of their lives – be that University, Further Education, an apprenticeship, or employment.