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Sixth Form Attendance

Our aim within Townsend sixth form is to help students develop into responsible, independent learners who can take responsibility for their own learning, attendance and deadlines. We do this through a structured attendance programme which is outlined below.


In order to allow year 12 students to settle in fully, gain help from teachers where necessary and get into good attendance habits, year 12 students are required to be in school full time. Throughout year 12 and into year 13, students are given the opportunity to earn the privilege of studying at home (as outlined below). Students are responsible for their learning and developing into independent learners across the two years is a skill we actively encourage. Punctuality is of utmost importance and students should ensure they are leaving home in plenty of time to be on time to school and lessons.


Students should be discouraged from part-time jobs during the week, and where students work at weekends, a maximum of 8 hours is recommended due to the impact this can have on students’ grades. Students should not be working (paid work) during school hours and any attendance privileges can be revoked where progress decreases and attendance is deemed to be having a negative impact on an individual’s subject progress. If a student is ill and cannot attend school for any reason, parents/ carers must contact the school office or send a letter in with the student on their return to school.


Even though earning the privilege of being able to study at home, students should know that they are always welcome to attend school if the atmosphere in school compared to home is more conducive to effective learning.


The attendance policy will be as follows for years 12 & 13:

Year 12

Year 12 students will be required to be in school full time for at least the first two terms. In the summer term there may be some flexibility on not being required to attend school on days where they have no lessons. This would be on a reward basis for good attendance for the first two terms, be up to date with all work in their subjects and being on target in all subjects and will be communicated with students towards the Easter holidays.


Year 13

Year 13 are required to be in school full time for the first half term (until October half term) with the exceptions of:

  • Where a student does not have any lessons on one day
  • Where a student has a consortium lesson, they are not required to come to school before the consortium lesson unless they have a Townsend lesson. If they do not have any Townsend lessons after consortium, they are not required to come back to Townsend on that day.

After the first half term students will be able to earn the privilege of studying at home for some of their non-contact periods. This will be done on an individual basis with a recommendation/ form signed by each subject teacher. The recommendation will include whether:

  • They are on target for each of their subjects
  • They are up to date with their work in all subjects
  • They have 95% attendance in every subject and overall
  • They have a good punctuality record

The year 13 form tutors will be responsible for collecting completed forms from students and recommending those students who should be able to study at home if they wish, however the final sign off and granting of leave to study at home will fall to the Head of Sixth Form.


If students are granted leave to study at home the following rules will apply:

  • Students must be in 3 registrations afternoon per week, 1 of which must include one assembly (either year group or SLT collective worship)
  • Punctuality and attendance to lessons must remain excellent, otherwise the privilege to study at home may be revoked.
  • The recommendation must be renewed each half term for the following half term and the same requirements as above needing to be met.