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Learning Support

For details of the Learning Support Program, please contact the Learning Support Co-ordinator

All teachers are teachers of students with Special Educational Needs. Teaching such students is therefore a whole school responsibility, requiring a whole school response
The needs of all students are at the centre of whole school teaching and learning at Townsend
Special Educational Needs and Learning Support Policy is based on good practice as established over many years and is integral to the schools Respect for All statement

As parent/carers and students you can be sure that Townsend Church of England School is a fully inclusive school which values every member of the school community.
We strive always to raise aspirations and attainment of all students in partnership with a range of outside agencies and stakeholders

The department includes an Inclusion Coordinator, a part time Deputy SENCO, a full time Inclusion Manager, 8 Learning Support Assistants, both full and part time, and a part time School Counsellor. We work collaboratively with all teachers, Directors of Learning (subject and year), Senior Management and outside agencies, to meet the learning needs of students.

Our team is established and fully committed to ensuring students are aspirational working to unlock personal potential. Learning Support Assistants work with statemented students across the curriculum in all years, as well as supporting students and teachers in the classroom. The majority of this support is classroom based, as well as a range of interventions and programmes (including some withdrawal)when needed and appropriate.

The department has recently moved to a suite of rooms, where we can now house our intervention work, including Extended Literacy and Numeracy Support, School Counsellor, Group Projects and our Social Skills Groups run by Sally Glossop (Autism Advisory Teacher) for a variety of Hertfordshire Secondary Schools.

Extra clubs are offered to help with Home Study and we are proud to be the lead in our D of E programme, offered to all students in year 10 onwards

We aim to help all our students feel valued, better equipped to make positive choices and play an active role in society, now and in the future.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact the department