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Townsend Church of England School is a Voluntary Aided School and it is the school Governors who decide who will be admitted to the school.

The Governors will admit 150 students to Year 7 each September. The school wishes to protect its Christian character and ethos but also warmly welcomes applications from the wider community.

Priority Areas as defined by the County Council for Community Schools do not apply to this Voluntary Aided Church School. As Townsend is the only Church of England secondary school in this part of Hertfordshire we welcome applications from a very wide area. Distance from the school is not a criterion for admission unless we are over-subscribed when it is used as a tiebreaker.

In the event of more applications being received than there are places available, it will be necessary to operate a scheme of allocation. This will be done using the criteria set out below. Places will be allocated by the Governing Body in the order indicated.

Should there be over-subscription within any one priority group within a category, then the deciding factor in that priority group will be the distance from the school to the home. This distance will be measured by the County Council with a computerised mapping system using the method described in the County admission literature. (The ?Moving On? book). Those with the shortest journey by a designated route will be given priority.



Admission Appeals

Should you not be offered a place, you have a legal right of Appeal against the Governors’ decision to an independent panel. In this event, you should first contact the Head Teacher. HCC have published a timeline for appeals and this can be viewed here:


Post 16 Admissions (Year 12 and Year 13 – 6th Form)

Students are very welcome to transfer to this school and to join our active 6th Form. Application can be made by contacting our Head of Post 16 Education (Years 12/13) at the school to arrange an appointment.

For an application form, please e-mail the school office at:

Admission Policies

Admissions 2023 – 2024 Admission Policy 23-24 Admission Policy POST 16 – 23-24 Admissions – 6th Form application form 23-24   Admissions 2022 – 2023 Admission Policy 22-23 Admission Policy POST 16 – 22-23 Admissions – Supplementary Information form 22-23